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Steve and his wife Liesl, a jeweler were involved in a community exhibition titled 'Eclipsed'.
The exhibition was held at the Knox gallery in the Monterey, MA library. 
Liesl exhibited a sterling silver and gemstone necklace, and Steve exhibited a pair of tea lights.
The exhibition ran from December 8, 2017 to January 13, 2018.

Works in Wood 2013

Steve exhibited his tea Caddy in the 2013 exhibition Works in Wood.  The exhibition took place at the Robert Larsen Gallery of the New Hope Arts Center i New Hope, PA
The opening reception was Nov 9.
"Works in Wood honors the rich cultural heritage 
of Bucks County woodworking while celebrating the new 
visions of the contemporary artists who reside in our 
region and beyond. As a national juried show, Works 
in Wood features artwork from the finest talent in the 
country today. Works are not limited by function but 
must be original in design and artists must incorporate 
at least 50% of wood in each piece. The annual exhibition features functional and non-functional works, 
studio furniture, turnings, constructions, sculpture and 
vessels in which artists use wood as their primary media."

Imago Gallery
I was involved in a group exhibition at the Imago Gallery in Warren, RI.  The opening was Thursday July 25th.
The exhibition wass about drawing.  Not finished works of art but the process of drawing.  I had a few pieces in the exhibition.  Some were works in progress, some working drawings and some gesture drawings and thumbnail sketches. Even if drawing isn't our medium we all use the process of drawing to generate ideas and designs.  I'm  really thrilled to have been invited to participate in this exhibition.
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'Re Purposed'

Steve's signature Bread - Side Tables that he made in episode one of the show were on display at the ArcWorks Community Art Center in Peabody, MA.  The 'Recycle' exhibition was about reusing and re purposing materials. There was an opening reception on April 25th.  For more information please visit

'Call and Response'

Steve's was involved in exhibition titled 'Call and Response".
The Aurora Gallery of Arts Worcester had on loan from the Fitchburg Art Museum some African Artifacts.  Artist were invited to create a piece of work responding to one of the pieces in the collection.  

 Call and Response Statement
Steve Butler

The most well known and highly sought after mask of the Songye tribe is the Kifwebe mask.  These masks are typically associated with shapes as well as beautiful textured lines and linear scarifications.  The lines are usually painted with alternating black and white stripes, which give an almost hallucinating Effect.  Kifwebe masks can be male or female, with crested comb structures identifying male masks, the higher the crest the more powerful the mask as well as the greater spiritual power of the dancer.
Male and female masks are danced together, with each dancer encouraging the desired qualities of the sexes.

For the exhibition I created a pair of tea lights based on the artistic qualities of the Songye Kifwebe mask.  I based the height of the candle towers on the elongated mouth of the mask.  The candle towers are made out of Baltic birch plywood.  I cut strips of plywood and then turned them on their side to expose the many layers and dark lines of the veneers.  I laminated the strips together to create solid panels that I then used to make the towers.  The lines of the plywood represent the lines of the mask. The candle bases are made from reclaimed pieces of African padouk wood.  The two walnut wedges piercing the top of the candle towers represent the male and female masks dancing together.

Works in Wood

Steve exhibited his tea lights that he made in episode three in the Works in Wood exhibition in New Hope, PA.

Co - Habitat
The Studio Work of Steve Butler and Liesl Carlson
November 2, 2012 - November 30, 2012
Co-Habitat, an exhibition of artworks by Steve Butler and Liesl Carlson, opens November 2 and will run through November 30, 2012. Inspired by the modern movement in furniture design and the New England winter landscapes, the artists of Co-Habitat give new life to old materials and create delicate textures on seemingly unyielding pieces of silver.  Various pieces of furniture and jewelry, expressing the connection of their materials to nature, will be displayed.
The opening reception for this exhibit will take place at the Aurora Gallery on Friday, November 2, between 6-8 PM in conjunction with These Four Walls, an open member exhibit of photography, in the lower galery.  These exhibits and their opening celebrations are free and open to the public.

The Sketchbook Project
I'm involved in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library called The Sketchbook Project.  Today I picked up my book from the printer.
I have a passion for Adirondack chairs and I've taken all kinds of photographs of them throughout my neighbourhood.  I used these images to create my sketchbook project.  I wrote an essay on the Adirondack chair and included it in the book.  No matter if they're on a balcony, deck, poolside, in a large yard or beside a dumpster, the Adirondack chair helps us create our own oasis.  I'm very excited, I love how it turned out.  The book has a bar code andhas been put into the permanent collection of the library.
If you're in Brooklyn please visit the art liobrary and have a look at my book.  The call number is 182.25-4


Steve took first place in the furniture division at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society woodworkers guild annual exhibition.  The exhibition was sponsored by Woodcraft of Woburn, MA.  Steve's trestle table made out of African Mahogany won the blue ribbon. 

Uxbridge Free Public Library

Steve and his wife, jeweler Liesl Carlson exhibited their work at the Uxbridge Free Public Library during the month of April.  
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Uxbridge Free Public Library